​Theroux Reveals ‘Hot Feet’ For Aniston Marriage

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June 26, 2021

Justin Theroux admits to having hot feet to marrying Jennifer Aniston. The actress has been engaged to Theroux for almost two years, but they don’t plan to rush their wedding yet. The couple admits that while they both have hot feet to be married, everything is still confidential. In other words, don’t except an announcement from them before they wed.

According to ABC News, Theroux, 42, proposed to Aniston, 45, two years ago in August. “At the time, the two made it clear that they weren’t in a rush to say ‘I do,’ as they said, ‘We already feel married,’” ABC News explained. They made an appearance together on the NYC premiere of his new series “The Leftovers” on June 23.

“You guys are in more of a rush than we are. We have hot feet, but we’re not going to let you guys know,” Theroux told Extra of their wedding plan, adding that he and the former “Friends” star were still “happily engaged.”

Walking on the red carpet, the actor looked dapper in a Dior Homme suit that night. Aniston, meanwhile, sported a black dress and matching heels. The pair were all smiles as they posed for the cameras.

While Theroux has hot feet to be married, he also said that he wanted Aniston to be with him post-apocalypse. When asked about three things he wanted to take if he survived the rapture, he told NY Daily News, “My cell phone, my keys. It depends on where I go. If I go somewhere great I probably won’t miss anything.” He then added, “That’s who I would want to bring with me,” referring to Aniston who was standing beside him.

On the HBO fantasy series, Theroux plays a police officer named Kevin Garvey who tries to lead a normal life after 2 percent of Earth’s population disappears without explanation. “The Leftovers”, also starring Liv Tyler, Chris Zylka and Amy Brenneman, debuts on Sunday, June 29 at 10 P.M. ET.

It seems Theroux has had hot feet for awhile. As previously reported by NewsOXY, Jennifer Aniston hosted a large birthday bash for Justin Theroux in August, which was rumored to be their secret wedding in disgust. The 42nd birthday bash was hosted at their newly renovated Bel-Air mansion as the engaged couple were joined numerous celebrity friends. The bash was held on the palatial patio of their $21 million love nest.