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Thomas Kinkade Girlfriend Served With Restraining Order

04/26/2012 10:03 AM ET

Things between the late American artist Thomas Kinkade’s ex-wife and most-recent girlfriend, Amy Pinto-Walsh, are starting to get ugly with lawyers of the Kinkade estate slapping a restraining order on Thomas’s live-in girlfriend.

Early this month, Kinkade unexpectedly passed away in his sleep according to reports, and toxicology reports are still pending to rule in the cause of his death.

Kinkade married Nanette Wiley in 1982 and had five children together. Wiley and Kinkade had separated nearly two years ago and Kinkade started dating Pinto-Walsh, who eventually moved in with him, though he and his wife were not yet formally divorced.

Windermere Holdings, Kinkade’s company and executor of the Kinkade family trust, sought an emergency 15-day restraint order against her to be quiet. They are citing that she is a “ruthless gold-digger” trying to “tear down” Kinkade’s reputation and “cause irreparable harm to his widow and children.”

According to the estate’s lawyers Pinto-Walsh had broken a confidentiality agreement, which she had signed last year, when she spoke to reporters on the morning-after Kinkade’s death and was threatening to reveal Kinkade’s business and personal secrets.

“This threat is not just a mean-spirited act of betrayal, but a calculated attempt to garner money and fame at the expense of the grieving Kinkade family, including his wife and four daughters,” according to a request for a restraining order filed by the holding company.

A judge granted the request for the restraining order on April 16th citing “extreme circumstances.”

Due to Kinkade’s struggles with alcoholism, his relationship with both his wife and girlfriend were said to be volatile. His former bodyguard, Dean Baker, recalled a confrontation between Kinkade and Pinto-Walsh for the trustee’s lawyers.

“On one occasion Pinto-Walsh made a threat to Mr. Kinkade along the lines of ‘I will tear you down,’ ” Baker said in his declaration filed April 8. “I would expect Pinto-Walsh to disclose confidential information.”

While on the morning of Kinkade’s death family friend and god parent to his children, Linda Raasch showed up at the estate, she noticed that Pinto-Walsh had gathered all the family photos in the home to show to the media.

“I told her they are private and confidential and would cause great emotional distress” if released to the public. Nevertheless, Pinto-Walsh, was “unmoved by my entreaties,” Raasch told the lawyers.

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