​Tiger Woods Amanda Boyd Lie: Sports Agent Addresses Another Cheating Scandal Alleged By Tabloid Rumor

A story about Tiger Woods and Amanda Boyd is a lie, his agent says, despite a report by the National Enquirer. The tabloid calls the pro golfer a serial cheater who started dating her a few months ago, according to the Daily Mail.

Woods and Boyd started their affair, which was responsible for ending two relationships, according to the National Enquirer. It’s also worth mentioning that while the tabloid is sticking by its story about Amanda, it’s the same agency that first broke the news when Tiger was cheating on ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

The bombshell gossip report took the internet by storm on Wednesday, and it spelled more bad news for the pro golfer. Shortly after the report was published, the golfer’s agent said the rumors are completely bogus.

Tiger Woods and Amanda Boyd didn’t lie when they said the rumors are false. This comes directly from Mark Steinberg, who addressed the story just a few minutes ago.

“Absolutely 100 percent false,” Steinberg said. “Complete lie and fabrication.”

Woods recently broke up with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, and Boyd was married to PGA golfer Jason Dufner until the couple filed for divorce back in March. The gossip story claims Tiger and Amanda have been sleeping together for months.

Woods sparked a media storm in 2009 when he was was exposed for his serial cheating behind wife Elin Nordegren’s back. The couple have two children, and in 2010 Elin won a $110 million settlement when she divorced Tiger.

Boyd was flown from her home in Alabama to Seattle for a few days earlier this month while the golfer was preparing for the U.S. Open. Dufner was supposedly “devastated” when he found out that Amanda had been running around.

“Even though Tiger dated Lindsey for years, he had a ‘thing’ for Amanda,” a source reportedly told the Enquirer. “At first, it was just innocent flirting, but earlier this year it became serious.”

Not surprisingly, this is the second report about Vonn breaking up with Woods because she caught him cheating. However, the first set of rumors claimed Tiger slept with a prostitute while he was dating Lindsey.

Boyd and Dufner filed for divorce in March citing an “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.” For what it’s worth, Amanda is the one who filed and she was supposed to receive a gross sum of $2.5 million in the split.

Tiger Woods and Amanda Boyd won’t lie about their relationship, if they had one, according to an insider who knows the professional golfer. If they had a fling, this would just mean that he hasn’t learned much since his break up with Elin.