Tila Tequila Was Attacked By Bottles And Rocks.

Tila Tequila attacked at the Insane Clown Posse Festival. The reality TV star is already threatening to sue concert organizers. She believes the fans were out to kill her.

Tequila, whose real name is Thien Thanh Thi, was viciously attacked in Illinois when she went onstage. The concert featured music groups like the “Insane Clown Posse” and the “Kottonmouth Kings.” The crowd started throwing rocks and beer bottles at the reality TV star.

“Dudes were throwing huge stone rocks in my face, beer bottles that slit my eye open, almost burnt my hair on fire cuz they threw fire crackers on stage and they even took the sh*t out of the port-o-potty and threw sh*t and piss at me when I was onstage,” Tila Tequila said in a statement. She claims that her bodyguard and other security personnel whisked her to a nearby trailor. But that didn’t stop the mob.

“Since their security sucks, the two thousand people ran after us, trying to kill me,” Tequila said. She claims that the crowd broke the windows of the trailor and three men inside had to grab tables to cover the broken windows. People were literally trying to break down the doors. “It was scary as hell,” she said.