​Timothy Spall Weight Loss: Actor Loses Weight Following Leukemia Battle

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January 7, 2021

Timothy Spall’s weight loss was revealed at the New York Film Critics Awards, and most people didn’t recognize. Spall looked slim and fit in a gray and navy three-piece suit. Witnesses who saw the Harry Potter actor on the red carpet couldn’t believe how thin he is, according to The Inquisitr on Jan. 7.

“I had to look twice, I knew the face but not the body. He looks great!,” said photographer Lory Winters.”

There is a story behind his weight loss. Timothy Spall made serious changes in his life after a battle with leukemia 15 years ago. He decided to travel around Britain with his wife Shane. Spall’s experiences ultimately became the subject of the documentary, Somewhere at Sea.

“I bought the boat after the illness to celebrate being alive, and realize now that the voyage was also a delayed reaction to the leukemia … It was about sticking two fingers up to fate and saying, ‘Right, you tried to kill me once with illness. Now I’m going to tempt you again. But this time, I’ll do it on my terms.'”

The Timothy Spall weight loss story has been an inspiration for others. The actor said the trip at sea has changed his life forever, according to the Examiner. But there were other challenges at the time.

“It was [Shane’s] way of processing what we went through as a couple and as a family,” he added, “because we had three young children at the time, and the ripple effect on everyone was tremendous.”

The British actor also hinted that going through the scary ordeal made him want to get healthier, which led to the Timothy Spall weight loss story.

“Although I don’t advise cancer as a way of understanding suffering, it does give you a greater sympathy for others going through it … Helping you to lose weight — which I’ve put back on — and making you a better actor. I wouldn’t recommend cancer as an acting tool, but I think it helped me understand the human condition. And that’s what acting is all about.”

Timothy Spall’s weight loss was a tough obstacle, but he blames stress for being so heavy in the first place. Moreover, he believes that leukemia was also brought on by stress. He’s been in remission ever since he changed his lifestyle.

“I didn’t know what made me ill but stress had something to do with it and the point is now to head off stress at the pass. It made me aware of things and become more selective. I am less worried about employment. I really do my homework so I am not getting stressed on the set because I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Spall, 57, earned raves and Oscar buzz for his work as 19th Century landscape painter James Turner in Mr. Turner. He was considerably bulkier when he played Peter Pettigrew (aka Wormtail) in the franchise from 2004 to 2011. In 2014, he won the Best Actor Award at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival for Mr. Turner.

The Timothy Spall weight loss story has also inspired others to lose weight. Losing weight might seem to be a battle at first, but a healthy lifestyle does gift you with many rewards, notes Canada Journal. There is talk that the actor might write a book on the subject to help others.

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