Tom Hanks Reunites Wilson: Hockey Game Turns Emotional When Hanks Finds Buddy

Tom Hanks reunites with Cast Away co-star Wilson, who drifted off somewhere in the South Pacific, as the two attended a hockey game between the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins, according to the Bleacher Report.

Somehow the volleyball was discovered during its long drift across the South Pacific and reunited with Hanks. Looking as healthy and inflated as ever, Wilson took in the game between the Rangers and Bruins.

The crowds went wild. Hanks somehow managed not to break down weeping; he is a very strong man. Though he’s not the type of celeb to steal the spotlight, Hanks is increasingly awesome every time he makes an appearance.

Remember when he was on 30 Rock? This was as good as that — possibly better.

It was so good that the Rangers shared an Instagram clip of the emotional reunion. The team noted, “ICYMI at the #NYR game last night Tom Hanks and Wilson were finally reunited! #BFF,” according to Us Magazine.

After acknowledging the crowd’s cheers, Hanks’ eyes light up when someone tosses him Wilson. He then holds his old pal while chanting, “Let’s go, Rangers!” Not coincidentally, The Police hit “Message in a Bottle” can be heard playing in the background.

No word yet on whether the duo will hook up for Castaway 2. Here’s hoping. Hanks seems to be enjoying his time in New York, where he was photographed taking the subway last month. The Oscar winner has been filming the spy thriller St. James Place in the city.

It took 15 years, but Hanks was finally reunited with his pal. The Oscar-winning actor, 58, was spotted in the crowd at the Rangers’ home game on Wednesday (February 4). At one point, he was suddenly featured on the Jumbotron, where he humbly bowed his head to the applause before someone off-camera tossed him his long lost volleyball BFF, who, not surprisingly, is still the same strong, silent type he always was.

Tom Hanks starred in the film Cast Away in 2000, and was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. That year Academy politics likely kept Wilson out of the acting field, although it may have been a case of there not being an appropriate category.

Wilson definitely would have run away with Best Supporting Object.

Wilson is perhaps known best for the emotional scene the volleyball shared with Hanks in Cast Away, when Wilson became lost at sea, seemingly never to be seen again. It’s a relief to see the two of them together again at last, notes News Max.

The scene with Hanks crying as Wilson floated away out of reach was gut wrenching. But you know how you have that friend that you see after an extended period of time, and when you see them it’s like no time had passed? Well, that’s how it was with these two.

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