Top 5 SNL Stars Who Made It Big

Top SNL Stars Who Made It Big – They are now big stars and all of them got their start doing top comedy skits on SNL. These celebrities have enjoyed success with lucrative film careers. However, it wasn’t easy for some of them.

Top SNL Stars Who Made It Big
1. Will Ferrell – No one does idiocy (or nudity) like Ferrell, who’s scored with ‘Old School,’ ‘Talladega Nights’ and ‘Anchorman.’ If we wiggle our noses, will ‘Bewitched’ disappear? He’s even shone in drama (‘Stranger Than Fiction’).

2. Bill Murray – He starred in some of the best comedies ever (‘Stripes,’ ‘Caddyshack,’ ‘Tootsie’) and snagged an Oscar nod for ‘Lost in Translation.’ Murray voiced lasagna-loving feline Garfield in two Odie-ous movies. Unlike lasagna, this movie legend only gets better with age.

3. Eddie Murphy – He got an Oscar nod for his strong turn in ‘Dreamgirls,’ then there’s the comedy classics (‘Coming to America,’ ‘Trading Places’). Nobody in their right mind wanted to ‘Meet Dave.’ Once a certified A-lister (’48 Hours,’ anyone?), Murphy’s had so many comebacks, we stopped counting. He’s never been down for the count, though.

4. Adam Sandler – He scored a Golden Globe nod for the drama ‘Punch Drunk Love,’ but it’s his comedies (‘Billy Madison,’ ‘Happy Gilmore’) that are truly golden. ‘Little Nicky,’ in which Sandler plays the devil’s son, is pure hell. However, nobody is better at playing childlike adults.

5. Billy Crystal – Though the ‘City Slickers’ star has never won an Oscar, he’s hosted the Oscars eight times, which is way cooler. ‘My Giant’ made a pint-sized $8 million at the box office. Unlike many ‘SNL’ alums, he doesn’t need potty jokes to be funny.

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