​Tori Spelling Hospitalized: Dean McDermott Rushes Wife to Hospital

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April 28, 2021

Tori Spelling Hospitalized - After finding out the truth that husband Dean McDermott cheated on her, the actress has lost weight and appears to be taking the news with difficulty, even after McDermott’s rehab.

Spelling, 40, was recently hospitalized and the reason for her emergency visit has not yet been revealed.

The “90210″ actress has seen her marriage seemingly fall apart - with most of it captured for the cameras - after she found husband Dean McDermott to be cheating on her late last year.

The couple’s new show “True Tori,” which premiered April 22, chronicles their attempt to salvage their rocky marriage with counseling.

The shocking truth talks have included McDermott, 47, admitting that sex with his wife “wasn’t fantastic,” and Spelling crying that she’s “never enough” for her husband’s insatiable sexual appetite.

“He was my soul mate, but he completely broke my heart,” Spelling told Us Weekly, speaking out for the first time since the rumors proved true.
“It makes you not trust anything that’s happened in your relationship.”

Spelling and McDermott have been married since 2006, and have four young children together.

“This is real life, not a fairytale,” she tweeted April 22, ahead of the show’s premiere. “I’m aware it may not have a happy ending.”

Watching the new reality show is hard for fans. Spelling does not look good and McDermott continues to fight for his marriage. However, the couple have a long way to go.