​Tory Johnson Publishes Book On Weight Loss​​

September 20, 2021

Tory Johnson looks amazing after losing more than 72 pounds and has published a weight loss book explaining how she did it. It came after a meeting with a high-ranking person at the ABC who told her she didn’t look as good as she could.

The TV star says that conversation has “changed her life” because she was so scared of losing her job if she didn’t lose the pounds in one year. The recent book she published, called The Shift” is about her quest to change.

Johnson, 43, says she used to struggle with what to wear every time she went on Good Morning America. Everything changed after she had her first one-on-one meeting with ABC News’ highest-ranking woman, Barbara Fedida.

On that December morning in 2011, Johnson dressed herself in all black, hoping it would make her look slimmer for the meeting.

The two met at the ABC cafeteria where they talked about everything from their kids and New York City public schools, to their husbands and the ‘GMA’ ratings.

“You don’t look as good as you could,” Fedida told her. “I don’t think your clothing does you any favors.”

However, instead of mentioning Johnson’s weight issue, she offered to connect her with a wardrobe stylist.

At the end of the conversation, Fedida said: “I feel much better when I work out.”

“Not once did she call me fat, say I had to lose weight, or hint that my job was in jeopardy,” writes Jonson in her column. “But what I did hear was, ‘Lose weight, or lose your job,’” she writes.

According to Johnson, the conversation she had with Fedida freed her to “finally tackle what I couldn’t ever do before.”

By cutting carbohydrates, eating less and moving more, she lost 72 pounds — the basis for her new book, The Shift, which she dedicated to Fedida.

Johnson says she is a “happier and healthier woman” and for the first time in her life she now wears dresses.

“Barbara did for me what doctors, family and friends never could,” writes Johnson in her column in the New York Post. “Since then, friends have said they wish their bosses would tell them to lose weight because so far they haven’t listened to anyone else.” Johnson added: “I’m forever grateful for her gentle grace during that difficult workplace chat that changed my life — may have even saved it.”