​Tracy Morgan Australia Performance Gets Boycott After Sexist Content​​

Tracy Morgan gave fans at Hamer Hall in Australia more than they could handle. During his performance in Austrailia at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as many as 50 people left due to Morgan’s sexist content.

Now, women’s rights activist Melinda Tankard Reist is calling for Morgan to be boycotted in Australia.

On her blog, she writes, “It was good to know at least some people walked out. Even better would be if those planning to attend his gig at the Regal Theatre tomorrow (Monday) night boycotted it. Collective Shout is calling on Regal Theatre to not give Morgan a platform for Morgan’s misogynist hate speech.”

Reist also discussed the matter with the Australia’s Herald Sun, ” We have government-funded campaigns to stop violence against women and yet this behavior continues in mainstream popular culture. What message is he sending to other men?”

Hannah Watkins, the actor’s Melbourne publicist said ticket sales to Morgan’s show came with clear warnings about language and subject matter.

On the other hand, some fans were extremely delighted by the performance.

“Everything I expected from the show and more, Tracy was crass, outrageous and held back on nothing. I laughed from beginning to end, including during the support act who was hilarious. 10/10,” stated Claire123456 at Ticketmaster.