​True Blood New Season 6 Gets Underway​​

True Blood is back with a new season after finishing with Bill Compton dying and resurrecting as “Billith,” a sort of vampire god, which was a game-changing cliffhanger.

Season 6 premieres tonight, 6/16 at 9 PM, as Bill (Stephen Moyer) continues to be a threat to Sookie, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), and friends. Is Billith evil? Does he want to destroy humans? Vampires? Both?

In this preview clip from the premiere, Bill claims he isn’t out to harm anyone — if they don’t try to go after him.

“What are you?” Sookie asks (we all would like to know!). “I am Bill Compton,” he replies. “Though, clearly, I am something more.”

While Billith is the scariest of their problems, he isn’t their only one. The state of Louisiana is declaring war on vampires, with strict new curfews and bans on vampire-owned businesses like Fangtasia.

It’s bad enough to cause the normally cool and unflappable Eric to go postal on Pam when she pesters him about keeping secrets.

Their relationship is just one of many that undergo changes in Season 6. Showrunner Brian Buckner (who’s taking over for Alan Ball) told Rolling Stone that the writers are “pivoting people around.”

And with Bill being whatever he is, and her relationship with Eric on hold, Sookie is single again. In the premiere, she makes a connection with an injured man who turns out to share a common trait with her.

“True Blood” returns Sunday, 6/16 at 9 PM on HBO.