Tupac Sex Tape Includes 1990s Rap Groupie

Published: October 4, 2021

Tupac has surfaced after 20 years in a sex tape that shows the rapper receiving oral sex from a groupie all while drinking, smoking, rapping, dancing, and chilling. It’s hard to tell if he was drunk or sober during the video. No one knows why it was filmed in the first place and the names of those involved have remained anonymous.

The Tupac tape was shot in 1991 at a house party. The rapper walks into the room with his pants already dropped down to his ankles. He is sporting several chains as he orders one of the groupies toward him, and she begins to perform an oral act.

In the background, an unreleased song is heard playing during the Tupac sex video while he sings along and dances. Rapper Money B from Digital Underground walks over to the “California Party” singer and puts his arm around him. The woman never stops.

The “California Party” rapper will only be another celebrity in a slew of famous faces to be featured in such released footage. In fact, it is rumored that Lil Wayne and Nikki Minaj have one that some New Orleans businessman plans to sell. An old video of Kendra Wilkinson when she was only 18 was released last year.

It’s unclear if a second sex tape exists. However, the person in possession of the Tupac tape is planning to release it. Some fans believe it might be an unreleased music video that goes with the song playing in the background.


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