​Valerie Bertinelli Scale: Stars Feels Ashamed After Gaining 15 Pounds Following Jenny Craig Campaign For Weight Loss

Author: Kara GilmourBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug, 10, 2015 | 10:45 AM

Valerie Bertinelli’s scale is gone after she tossed it in the trash and feeling a bit shamed that she put back on 15 pounds. She looked great when she was on the Jenny Craig campaign that featured the actress after her 40-pound weight loss, according to Enterainment Tonight Online.

Bertinelli still looks good, even after the 15 pounds, but she is getting anxious after seeing her before and after pictures. Valerie isn’t happy unless she can get back down to 40 pounds.

Last week, the actress talked about her recent weight gain. She said she had an injury and gained some of it back, and according to some reports.

Valerie Bertinelli scale has been tossed in the garbage

Valerie Bertinelli’s scale is just a reminder, but she now has a good attitude about her weight gain, although she said she initially felt ashamed. She is working out again, eating right, and plans on getting back to a healthy number without starving herself.

We don’t know if the injury was the only reason for the gain or there were some other factors going on in her life. We suspect it was a combination of several things, as we all know how incredibly difficult it is to maintain a loss.

Just look around at friends you know who have lost weight, bloggers, or celebrities other than Bertinelli. Valerie used to check her weight on vacations.

Valerie Bertinelli and other celebrities who lose the pounds in the spotlight are no different than the contestants on the Biggest Loser show. They all have the same struggles.

Bertinelli, like others, have a hard time sticking with their diet plan, and they often struggle to keep up an exercise routine. Valerie is constantly fighting to keep the weight off, and that’s no different than the people who appeared on the Biggest Loser show.

The problem is that Bertinelli’s gain doesn’t matter to you and shouldn’t affect your own personal quest to lose weight. This journey is an individual one with battles fought by not being discouraged by other people’s struggles, which is what Valerie is now realizing.

Instead of being discouraged by the fact that even celebrities fail, most people can use their experiences as a learning tool. If they are injured, they have to be ultra careful not to put on a lot of pounds if you are used to relying on exercise to burn calories.

There are the emotional struggles, which Valerie knows everything about. These struggles can send a person to the pantry, and Bertinelli is still trying to learn how to deal with those emotions without cookies or ice cream.

People can take inspiration from other people, but learn to take the inspiration and not get discouraged by other people’s struggles. Many couples are trying to lose weight together, but both fall hard off the wagon at the same time.

“If Oprah can’t keep her weight off with all her resources, there is no way I can,” as one person told Valerie before he began to diet. The truth is, diet matters and if a person has a problem adding pounds back on, they have to make a lifestyle change, and this was s something that Bertinelli realizes.

Valerie Bertinelli’s scale is a realistic example of what happens to a lot of people. She lost weight, and it used to panic her whenever she gained weight back, but it happens until a person chooses to make a lifestyle change.

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