​Victoria Azarenka Dating LMFAO Singer Redfoo​​

By: | 01/17/2013 12:06 PM ET
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Victoria Azarenka, 23, is rumored to be dating LMFAO frontman Redfoo, 37. Neither the World No. 1 tennis player or the “Sexy and I Know It” singer, born Stefan Kendal Gordy, have come right out and confirmed it.

However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read between the lines of Redfoo’s recent radio interview with the Seven Network.

“I’m in love,” he said. “I don’t care who knows it. With a special one. I got a special one. A No. 1, if you will…I’m just sayin’ it’s a special lady, and my whole world is different. It’s a special one, man. She’s the love of my life, man. I want to talk about it so much.”

This tied in with the fact that he was constantly present in Azarenka’s players box during the US Open last year is a pretty good sign that these two are a couple.

Yahoo Sports reports The LMFAO singer pops up at tournaments around the world, coaches a Japanese junior player and even owns a clothing company that sponsors a tournament in Las Vegas (the Party Rock Open).

Gordy is currently in Melbourne, watching Azarenka compete in the Australian Open.

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