​Weiner’s Sexting Partner: Anthony Weiner Promises No More Sexting​​

By: | 07/25/2013 06:06 PM ET

Anthony Weiner and his latest sexting partner got real heated days after his resignation. Weiner, a New York City mayor hopeful, received several photos from a water on Facebook.

Sydney Elaine Leathers, 23, can be seen in a thong as well as showing off her assets in July 2012 from her bathroom, and that’s only the beginning.

Weiner admitted yesterday he sexted long after he resigned from Congress in 2011, but finally nipped his sexting problem in the bud last summer, around the time when Leathers sent the thong photo.

Leathers says Weiner was very persistent in his naughty picture requests, asking her to send all sorts of naked photos, more than 30 in total. Weiner also has a foot fetish, and regularly asked for pics of Leathers’ feet in heels. Of course, this was all allegedly in exchange for pictures of his own naked … weiner.

And the relationship wasn’t just online either, we’re told Weiner regularly spoke to Leathers on the phone — in fact, Weiner was adamant about speaking to her because he enjoyed telling her about his sex dreams … most of which involved her.

Shower sex was allegedly one of his favorite topics … his wife, Huma, was not.

However, Weiner now claims the entire sexting debacle “is entirely behind me,” and that he’s moving full steam ahead with his mayoral campaign.