Wendell Holmes Holmes Brother Dies: Legendary Singer Dies At Age 71 Just Days After Penning Letter To Friends From Hospice Care

Wendell Holmes Holmes Brother Dies

Wendell Holmes of The Holmes Brother dies at age 71 at his home in Rosedale, Maryland. Paul Kahn, the manager of the guitarist, pianist and singer and songwriter says Holmes died of complications from pulmonary hypertension, according to New York Times.

Holmes and his older brother, bassist Sherman, played churches in Virginia when they were growing up, and after high school, played professionally in New York. Drummer Willie “Popsy” Dixon started working with Wendell and the brothers and they played the bar circuit.

The musician recently retired from touring after drummer Willie “Popsy” Dixon died on January 9, 2015 of complications from cancer. The three formed the band in 1979.

Wendell Holmes of The Holmes Brother dies just days after entering hospice care. Kahn says Wendell Holmes was a natural musical talent, and said his most popular song was the soul ballad “We Meet, We Part, We Remember.”

Wendell Holmes of The Holmes Brother dies at age 71
The critically acclaimed soul/blues singer recently penned an open letter to his friends and fans.

“As I write this letter, I am preparing to go home on hospice care. One benefit of hospice is the time it allows you to say some of the things you want to say to those you love and care about. I’m grateful for the opportunity to say “thanks” to many friends for your many expressions of love to me and my wife Barbara,” he said.

Holmes went on to thank people who was in his life and his friends. Wendell said they showed him how they cared through many cards, letters, phone calls, home and hospital visits, on line acknowledgements, and prayers.

“Please know that it is greatly appreciated and I am awed by it all. It means a lot to me,” the artist said.

“It was Abraham Lincoln who said that ‘the world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but will never forget what they did here.’ Of course, I’m no Lincoln, but I believe there’s an element of truth there, and I do hope my music, whether some song I wrote, sang or maybe some notes I played, will leave a lasting impression,” he stated.

“You know that it is my custom to tell everyone who will listen… ‘don’t go it alone,’ and I can tell you that it’s been by God’s amazing grace that I have had a truly enjoyable journey. It’s been a great ride and my thanks to you for making it so. I love you, and may God bless you all!”

Wendell Holmes of The Holmes Brother dies at a time when his band will be seen as legends for their legacy work. Sherman, one of the band’s brothers, will continue the band along with Brooks Long and Eric Kennedy.

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