Maryland Lottery Jackpot Winner Mirlande Wilson ‘Not Sharing’ Money

After pooling money together amongst her fellow employees at a Maryland Mcdonald’s for last week’s record Mega Millions jackpot, Miranda Wilson alleges to have the winning ticket and will not be sharing the money.

There were a total of three winning tickets sold for a share of the record $656 million lottery jackpot. Each proven winner will get a share equal to $218.6 million before taxes if they take the 28-year annual annuity payment or a one-time lump sum of $157.8 million before taxes.

Though Wilson has yet come forward to claim the prize with a winning ticket, she admits to being a part of the lottery pool at work, but the winning numbers came out of her own money she bought separately from the employee tickets.

However, one McDonald’s employee claims that she was given additional money to buy more tickets at the last minute on Friday.

After the drawing Friday night she is alleged to have called several of her fellow employees at Mcdonald’s to brag that ‘she’ had won the jackpot. Lottery officials have indicated that one winning ticket was sold in Maryland and no one else from the state has yet come forward with a winning ticket. The other two were sold in Kansas and Illinois.

After a group of angry employees confronted Wilson she told them, “I don’t know if I won. Some of the numbers were familiar. I recognized some of them. I don’t know why people are saying differently. I’m going to go to the lottery office today. I bought some tickets separately.”

Wilson claims to have bought the tickets at an area 7’Eleven’ and lottery officials confirmed the ticket was sold at the store around the time Wilson claims to have been there.

Just recently a New York jury awarded an equal split of a lottery jackpot amongst 6 construction workers who pooled the money together, but the one responsible for buying the tickets claimed he bought the winning ticket with his own money and was not sharing the prize.