Worst Celebrity Parents Of 2011

By: Susan Harris - Staff Writer
Published: Apr 28, 2021

Worst Celebrity Parents. Here’s the worst list of celebrity kids and their parents, which is quite shocking. They made the list because of how their lives impacted their children and their decisions.

Worst Celebrity Parents

Dina and Michael Lohan - With role models like these, it’s no wonder Lindsay “Lindsay” Lohan turned to drugs and alcohol just to stay afloat. Michael is the only Lohan who has a longer rap sheet than Lindsay, with charges ranging from insider trading to driving under the influence to attempted assault. Meanwhile, Dina is desperate to be a pseudo-celebrity in her own right, and conceived that god-awful reality show ‘Living Lohan’ as a way to capitalize on her other potential cash cow, daughter Ali.

Papa Joe Simpson - Anyone who willingly adopts the moniker “Papa Joe” is an automatic creep. Case in point: Jessica Simpson’s dad/manager. Before he became a money-hungry, reality television “star,” Joe Simpson was a Southern minister and psychologist.

Ryan O’Neal - Less appropriate than talking about your daughter’s breast is letting your drug dealer touch them. That’s what actress Tatum O’Neal alleges in her 2005 autobiography, ‘A Paper Life.’ Tatum, blames a lot of her troubles on a tumultuous upbringing that included persistent molestation at the hand of her father’s drug dealer, neglect, beatings, underage drinking and drug use. Ryan denies those allegations, but he was arrested in 2007 for assaulting Tatum’s brother.

Joe Jackson - For proof that Joe Jackson is a terrible father, you need only look at any one of his 9 children. From the disturbing body dysmorphic disorder that plagued Michael (who admitted that he would often become ill or vomit upon seeing his father) to the countless instances of physical and psychological abuse perpetrated against his talented clan, Joe is one of the worst parental figures in history.

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