​Worst Reality TV Ideas - Top 5​​

September 21, 2021

Some shows were the worst reality TV ideas, while others do not. Most of them don’t even pass the pilot and it’s getting tougher now with so much competition.

1. Armed & Famous (2007) - One of the worst reality shows just for the sheer amazement of it. Armed and Famous put semi-famous celebrities on the streets as cops in Muncie, Indiana. LaToya Jackson and Jack Osbourne were named in the suit.

2. Married by America (2003) - Viewers call in and vote for their favorite couple to be married on TV. They got the viewer participation right, but the whole concept breaks down. It would only lead to more divorces that the country doesn’t need.

3. The Swan (2004) - Both morally reprehensible and downright awful. Contestants on The Swan underwent life changing alterations to live up to the beauty standards set by society. Yes, it meant plenty of plastic surgery.

4. Mr. Personality (2003) - Monica Lewinsky starred as the host. One woman chooses her perfect mate. It’s was just wrong.

5. Forever Eden (2004) - It has a catchy title for a reality show. It doesn’t even have an ending. Contestants earn more money the longer they don’t fall into temptation.

Many of the ideas had potential for TV. However, reality shows had poor concepts from the beginning. The worst shows are just made out of drinking and fights without any effort in acting.