Facebook Moves To Secure Users From Twitter Switching

Facebook will soon launch its new home page which will offer new functions to help secure users from switching to Twitter. The move will benefit members with new publishing and broadcast messages.

Facebook Inc has announced it will offer new Twitter functions in an effort to secure users from switching to the other social networking site. The move will offer members a new publishing status which photos and notes can be added into a new broadcast message. The company will also add member pages to News Feeds and its popular stream service.

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“Shared content can be brief messages or may include photos and videos and will soon appear in News Feed, Facebook’s popular service that streams what people you care about are doing, thinking, saying, watching, photographing and reading right now,” Facebook said in a statement.

The social networking site also said it has partnered with several renowned individuals and organizations including President Obama, The Oprah Winfrey Show, U2, CNN, Stanford University, NBA star athletes, and LIVESTRONG. There is no word on why ABC, NBC, or Fox News was not participating in this new partnership. However, other news organizations, including Fox, are sending their audiences to Twitter.

Moreover, Fox also sends people to Facebook during their midday newscasts, which is quite confusing since their parent company owns MySpace. This could be the very beginning of a social networking market which competes for network television participation among the news organizations. Social sites, including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are rapidly growing.

Facebook has a lot of celebrities, including Britney Spears and U2, who use the social networking site to connect with fans.

Facebook celebrities are also a growing trend. Just recently, Britney Spears was found online, although some of the writings on her page don’t make a lot of sense. Spears said the social networking site allows her to connect with fans when she’s on the road.

“Facebook is such a cool and easy way for me to connect with my fans while I’m on the road,” said Britney Spears. “I love that I can update my status, blog and post videos and photos all in one place.”

I never quite understood the Twitter fascination from the very beginning. It seems that while Twitter is a growing trend, sending 160 character messages to update your status could be done easily with other services. In fact, some critics believe that Twitter could be on its way out since Facebook and MySpace already dominate the tweet-site with other benefits and services.

Even so, people still use Facebook and Twitter, but some analysts believe MySpace could be the one hurting by Facebook, not Twitter. We are a fast paced society with a desire and need to tell others what we are doing, and where we are, at any given moment.

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