Doppelganger Week On Facebook Creates Trend

Facebook gets a new celebrity look-alike trend but some users believe that Doppelganger week is in direct violation of the social website’s terms of service agreement.

Doppelganger is the latest trend on Facebook and users are taking the celebrity look-alike campaign serious. The trend started when someone sent a message to different users that read, “It’s Doppelganger week on Facebook; change your profile picture to someone famous (actor, musician, athlete, etc.) you have been told you look like. After you update your profile with your twin or switched at birth photo then cut/paste this to your status.” Doppelganger has been a hit ever since.

Facebook users responded to the message by updating their profiles. It has influenced lots of people. Moreover, users are searching for celebrity photo generators on the Internet. These generators allow users to upload an image in an effort to match it with a celebrity look-alike.

Unfortunately, these generators don’t always work. The generators will give users a celebrity tree of people they resemble. Other users are receiving an error from these generators that their face wasn’t found in their uploaded picture.

The latest sweep also goes on with much controversy. Many people are raising questions that uploading photos may be a direct violation of the social website’s Terms of Service. This only adds to more confusion for the new online trend.

According to Facebook’s Terms of Service, users “will not post content or take any action on Facebook that infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law. [Facebook] can remove any content or information you post… if we believe that it violates this Statement.”

Facebook Terms Of Service Violation

This does seem to conflict with the Terms of Service. The social event runs for one week starting February 1 through February 7. At this time, no one on Facebook has been punished for breaking the online guidelines.

However, this new trend can still be a lot of fun. For example, if someone ever said you looked like a celebrity in the past, you should change your profile photo to that person. There are a lot of people that do resemble people like P Diddy, Michael Jackson, and Ryan Seacrest.

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