Bad Luck Superstitions

By: Susan Harris - Staff Writer
Published: Mar 17, 2021

Bad Luck Superstitions. Bad luck and the superstitions that go along with them have haunted people for ages. Are they real, or is it all a bunch of a bunch of stories from ancient times?

Superstitions have been a part of human life since times immemorial. Most of them have had their origin in ancient times, when man was at the mercy of Nature. Neither had he developed the scientific understanding to reason out mishaps, nor did he have modern technologies that would monitor forces of nature and help him recover from onslaught of diseases or natural calamities.

The only option that he had was to regard such events with reverence. Ancient man spun stories and bad beliefs, which he believed would protect him from sufferings with a little luck. These beliefs and customs became superstitions, that have been followed by man over generations. Although science has helped us refute a number of the tales, some of them are still followed by people of all over the world.

Here’s a few well-known superstitions:

- Friday the 13th
- Walking under a Ladder
- Breaking a Mirror
- Black Cats
- Spilling Salt
- Opening of Umbrellas Indoor

For the most part, superstitions are largely considered as irrational beliefs associated with the existence of certain mysterious forces, such as evil spirits, that were supposed to bring bad luck to one unless certain actions were taken to prevent the bad effects. These actions could include modifying an individual’s behavior, avoiding certain actions or places or wearing amulets or lucky charms.

Superstitions can be personal or cultural. Personal superstitions are bred from experiences that an individual has during his lifetime. However, cultural superstitions are those that one is supposed to believe in, because they have been followed over generations, by people.

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