Best Places In The U.S. To Retire

Many people wonder what the best places are in the U.S. to live when they retire later in life and it’s more than just finding a city that’s affordable.

Durham, North Carolina, comes first as one of the great places to relax. Residents enjoy four seasons — but without them being too extreme. Homes are affordable, the area is dotted with golf courses and parkland, and the region is home to a renowned university medical center.

Hanover, NH ranks #2 in the U.S. New England is chock full of charming places. But few are as welcoming as Hanover, home of Dartmouth College and its 20-year-old senior education program.

Lexington, Kentucky ranks #3. Time to retire in of the best downtown areas that boasts plenty of entertainment options. It has a circa-1922 Kentucky Theatre — which shows independent and classic films — the Lexington Farmers Market, dozens of restaurants, and the Rupp Arena, home to the university’s storied basketball program. Plus, for the equestrian minded, the city isn’t far from Kentucky’s famed horse country and is just 90 minutes from Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.

Prescott, AZ ranks #4 and is a popular destination 100 miles north of Phoenix, is dotted with Victorian homes, 19th-century Whisky Row saloons, and a leafy Courthouse Plaza. With the world’s oldest rodeo and more than 800 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, the town’s cowboy heritage is hard to miss.

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