Easy Do Yourself Building Project

By: Michael Stevens - Staff Writer
Published: Mar 12, 2021

Easy Do Yourself Building Project. Easy things you can do for yourself by building a project to increase home value. You will also increase the equity in your house with these simple improvements.

Building a patio is one of the best improvements you can do for your home during the spring season. If you are looking for an easy patio project that you can do on your own, try pouring a concrete slab. You first begin by measuring out the dimensions for your space with a tape measure.

Lay a framework of 2-by-4-inch boards along the inside perimeter of the hole. The 2-by-4s should rest against the wall of the excavated area. To keep the framework in place, drill a wooden stake into the 2-by-4s every 2 feet. Place the stake between the wall of the hole and the 2-by-4. Then drill the stake into place. This framework will allow the patio to take shape when the concrete is poured.

Pour 2 inches of gravel along the entire bottom of the hole. Tamp the gravel with a shovel until it is even and tightly packed. Place several 2-inch thick stones or bricks on top of the gravel. Then place a mesh or metal screening on top of the stones. This screening will help to provide reinforcement to the concrete patio.

Mix a batch of concrete by following the manufacturer’s directions on the package. The amount of concrete you mix will depend on the length and depth of your patio. Once the concrete is mixed, place clumps of it in various spots over the screening.

Screed the concrete with a 2 by 4. Drag the 2 by 4 over the concrete to flatten the surface. Then go over the surface again with a trowel to further level and smooth out the area.

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