How To Handle Backstabbing Coworker

How To Handle Backstabbing Coworker – Stay calm and logical and tell your friends.

How to handle backstabbing coworker. If you know of a coworker who is backstabbing, here’s a few tips on how to handle it. Some people do it to jeopardize your livelihood.

Above all else, do not get emotional. You need to stay calm and logical. Your boss (or boss’s boss) will look much more favorably to a cool, well-collected individual who is able to present the facts without bringing any personal issues to the table.

Especially if the backstabber is circulating rumors and gathering people against you, you should try to get some people on your side as well. Don’t leave your friends in the dark. Let them know exactly what is happening and try to gain some sympathy.

Try to be on good terms with your immediate supervisor, manager, and those higher up as well. It’s a lot harder for a backstabber to kill you off when you have friends in high places. While it is possible to start rumors about the backstabber, your really shouldn’t do this.

It’s also possible to confront the backstabber, but be careful about this as it could further ignite the situation. You could politely ask about certain facts, but do not get personal. In case the backstabber is successful, you should always have some option(s) available in case it becomes unbearable at the current workplace.

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