By: Jennifer Hong
Published: Jul 3, 2021

How To Mend Break Up Blues

How to break up blues. Everyone has gone through a sad time in their life, or felt the blues from sadness one way or another. Here are some tips for getting though a casual break-up scenario.

Go Out With Your Friends - When you go out with your friends you are getting your mind fully off of the sad situation, a plus for sure. When you see your friends you correlate the current event with happiness and laughter, rather than sadness and fatigue. Other than a restaurant, go out and do something fun with your friends.

Go out and play pool, go catch a movie, go hang out at someones house. If you’re playing pool you’re focused on the game usually, if you’re watching a movie then your mind is focused on the storyline of the movie, your mind has no time to just wander off to think about something else, unless it’s a bad movie. If you go to someones house usually people play video games or just hang out and talk.

Video games, like pool and the movies, divert your attention and make you focus on the game rather than other experiences, especially sad ones. The best antidote to the break-up blues is laughter. Laughter has a monstrous power to make someone go from blues to incredibly happy.

Pets make you feel good, there’s no doubt about it. Pets are generally cute looking animals that don’t judge you, and you can vent all of you want on them. There is almost always a special bond between you and your pet, so just talk to them.

However, poking fun at the break-up with a friend or family member can make things seem better and boast your self esteem. A good friend or family member will make you feel good about the situation rather than bad, and will guide you to happiness.

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