By: Kara Gilmour - Staff Writer
Published: May 12, 2021

Memoirs Writing Tips

Memoirs Writing Tips - The first set of tips is to write first, edit later, and always be yourself. When writing, don’t create a fictional series, and be completely honest with your readers. The most successful memoirs are those that a true-life stories because everyone is so uniquely different.

We got a few memoirs writing tips to help you get started. You are the author, therefore it is natural be in the first person, using words such as I, my, me, etc. Mixing the bad with the good makes the story much more interesting and believable to the reader.

Be truthful yet tasteful. Understand the people you include in your writings are real human beings with thoughts, feelings and their own perspectives, they are not fictional characters solely revolving around the universe of you. Use discretion when writing about them. Make sure you get it right.

You are creating an historical document based on memory. Keep it accurate and make sure your writing matches up to any historical events by doing your research. You don’t want to lose credibility in your story because you didn’t get your facts straight.

Imagine your audience and write to them. Choose a person you know rather than something arbitrary like “my future children.” If you don’t have any children yet and would like to address your stories to them, picture someone specific you would consider to be like your future children. Otherwise, imagine you are addressing a friend, someone specific.

You write differently when you address different people. So pick one and stick to writing to them. This will keep your writing consistent. Thus making it easier for your reader, whomever they may be, to follow your story.

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