Pocahontas Wedding Site For John Rolfe Discovered By William Kelso

Pocahontas Wedding Site – Pocahontas married British tobacco entrepreneur John Rolfe in 1614 but it wasn’t until 2011 that the wedding site was discovered in Jamestown, Virginia–said to be the first permanent English settlement in the New World.

William Kelso, an archaeologist who discovered the site, claims to have found the remains of not only the place where Algonquian chief Powhatan’s daughter tied the knot, but also the oldest Protestant church in the United States.

And Kelso has no doubt that his find is authentic. He told AFP that Pocahontas was “married right here, I guarantee,” saying so while standing near the river where small flags mark the building where this scientist is positive the deed was done between the Native American and the intruding Brit.

It’s located southeast of the nation’s capital near the James River in the place where, on May 14, 1607, about a hundred men landed from England to form the first colony in the Americas.

The excavated area turned up several large post holes going below the ground approximately 6.5 feet.

Also revealed at this seminal place were trace remnants of four separate graves.

These burial sites are said to be the place where four highly ranked colony members who were close to the church were laid to rest. Kelso claims these latter day luminaries included a knight, two captains, and Reverend Robert Hunt, the first cleric to reportedly arrive at the recently discovered site.

“It’s fantastically exciting and significant because Jamestown is usually depicted — the whole early settlement depicted — as it was carried out by lazy gentlemen who wanted to get rich quick, and go right back to England,” said William Kelso, who points out that “religion played a big role in the community… [and settlers] put a lot of work in the building of this big church, and that became very important for the colony.”

As for the very important occasion between Pocahontas and her Englishman, this wedding was said to have cured the problems between the Brits and the Indians for a good eight years.