By: Susan Harris - Staff Writer
Published: May 18, 2021

Simple Self-Defense Tips

Simple Self-Defense Tips - This is a must read if you are not currently training in the martial arts, but are searching for tips on self defense. We have put together some information that is simple when it comes to self-defense. You never know, this might even save your life.

1. The first simple self-defense tips is about techniques. If you’re someone who is small in stature or not as strong as you could be, punching might not be your strong point. Instead, return your enemy’s attack by gouging at their eyes. This is a technique is employed by self defense methods taught by the military.

2. If you have an interest in the fighting arts, check out jeetjunedo, kung fu, ninjutso, karate, judo, and fighting styles used in the Philippines. It is important to know about a wide variety of fighting techniques, as these can be taught alongside more basic techniques for self defense which you are also studying. You can learn about the different styles in a variety of schools and places like the YMCA.

3. It’s critical to keep your lifestyle active and healthy. Maintain an appropriate weight, as you need to be in top form in order to successfully enter a tournament of martial arts - or if you find yourself in a position where you need to defend against an attack. It’s not uncommon for someone who suddenly attacks you on the street to be under the influence of drugs. This gives your attacker the advantage of being extra aggressive, unpredictable, and very violent.

4. Keep out of dangerous situations and passively avoid confrontations to protect yourself. You might be someone with the ability to protect yourself, but that is not permission to attack others without provocation. Common sense is an essential aspect of self defense. You need to understand the need to avoid volatile situations, how to placate someone who seems agitated, and when to give up our valuables if you are being threatened with a weapon.

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