By: Bill Waters
Published: Jul 3, 2021

Stay Home Date Night

A stay home date night if more common than you think. Many people choose to stay home at night and not date out because of money or because they prefer a comfortable setting. Below are a few stay at home date night ideas to get you started.

Cooking A Meal Together - Get out the cookbook and plan to cook a meal you haven’t ever prepared and always wanted to try. Then head to the grocer store before your date. Many couples use to cook together in the beginning of their relationship.

Share A Bottle Of Wine and Some Crackers - If you have no time to cook a full meal, create a nice plate of crackers, add some cheeses, open some wine. Now curl up on the sofa together. Share your little snack and talk about your hopes for the future.

Plan A Massage Night - Buy some massage oils. Light some candles. Play some soft music. Now take turns giving each other a full body massage.

Learn A New Dance - Check your local library and see if they carry any instructional DVD’s on dance. If they do, push back your furniture and have some fun. Remember you don’t have to be a pro to dance. Just have fun with it.

Take A Shower Or A Bubble Bath Together - In these tough times, we should save where we can. You could start by sharing a romantic shower or bubble bath together, thus conserving water. Candles and soft music are optional.

Enjoy An Indoors Picnic - Place a pretty quilt on the floor and then a picnic basket full of goodies. Now pretend you are in the park, alone. The main thing about a stay at home date should be fun.

Dates and spending quality time with your partner is important. Saving money is also important now. A stay at home date can combine the two and with a bit of imagination can still be a lot of fun.

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