What Is A Green Eco Funeral?

What Is Green Funeral? There is a new trend among funeral homes who are choosing to go green from the viewing to the ground. Talk about eco-friendly.

It’s not too difficult to understand it. Some people still want to protect the environment in the afterlife. It’s becoming a new tradition because Americans are catching on, but most people don’t know what is green funeral.

It is a small but growing number of Americans choosing environmentally friendly burials. The so-called “green burials” are a departure from the norm in that they don’t use a concrete vault, metal coffin or any chemicals such as formaldehyde embalming fluid.

The Green Burial Council, an industry group that sets standards, now counts more than 300 approved providers in 40 states, while only a dozen existed as recently as the beginning of 2008.

And a March 2010 survey commissioned by the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association found a quarter of those polled liked the concept of environmentally friendly burials.

“We think of this as a new idea, but this is really an ancient idea we’re returning to,” Joe Sehee, executive director of the New Mexico-based council, said in a statement. Perhaps our ancestors knew something that we don’t — natural burials are better and green.

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