2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Car

2010 Fuel Efficiency Improvements Made For Ford Fusion Hybrid

The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient midsize automobile on the market. The Ford Hybrid It has a MPG rating Of 41 MPG city and 36 MPG highway. It can go over 700 miles between fill-ups, which for the average commuter translates into a stop at the pump once a month. The 200 Fusion offers a starting price of $27,625.

With a wider and more sportier look, the Ford Fusion has improved aerodynamics. Ford’s attention to detail on the Fusion begins with a new design that gives the car a look that is both sportier and more upscale as well as improved aerodynamics. The car’s newly designed front end, including a powerfully domed hood, and new headlamps, grille and larger fog-lamp area further enhance the sporty nature of the 2010 Fusion.

Aerodynamic enhancements and new under body shields further boost Fusion’s fuel economy. This sporty new look helps to make the Ford Fusion more appealing to consumers who are seeking fun-to-drive Hybrid cars. This new interior design features a more contemporary look with metallic new finishes.

The new instrument panel is finished with a soft upper and lower skin which carries through the center console, doors, and steering wheel. The leather wrapped steering wheel was completely redesigned with form fitting palm swells and a new shifter. The seat actually conforms to you, offering more side support with smoother bolsters and comfort.

Earth-friendly cloth fabric in the Fusion Hybrid is made from 85 percent post-industrial materials, polyester fibers that would otherwise have ended up in landfills. This is another great way to be friendly to our environment. Using natural materials, the 2010 Fusion is one of the best eco cars on the planet.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid can operate for up to 47 mph in the pure electric mode. Recently, Ford drove the Fusion for more than 1,400 miles on only one tank of gas. This was done while using driving techniques to conserve fuel.

With the vehicle’s enhanced electronic throttle control, it reduces airflow on shutdowns. Additionally, it reduces fuel consumption on restarts. The Ford Hybrid has wide-band lambda sensors that analyze the air-fuel ratio and will adjust the lean/rich mixture accordingly to keep the system in balance and to minimize emissions.

The Hybrid Ford Fusions all uses a smaller and lighter nickel-metal hydride battery. By using these batteries, they are able to produce 20 percent more power. Improved chemistry allows the battery to be run at a higher temperature, and it is cooled using cabin air. It is also equipped with a new high-efficiency converter to provide 14 percent increased output to accommodate a wider array of vehicle features.

If you are shopping for a new vehicle, you should try out the 2010 Ford Hybrid. The Hybrid car offers several incentives including a rebate. Several Ford Fusion owners have reported greater fuel economy than the EPA estimates.

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