Ford Escape Hybrid Offers Electric Vehicle Speeds Up To 40 MPH

Ford Motor Company has developed some interesting new innovations for its Escape Hybrid SUV. One is called Easy Fuel, which now comes standard on every new Ford Escape Hybrid. This means there is no gas cap involved when fueling the SUV.

Everything about this SUV is nice. For example, the vehicle actually uses no fuel when you’re stopped in traffic or driving at lower speeds. The electric mode will activate, at speeds up to 40 mph, which will turn off the gasoline engine automatically.

The electric vehicle has an EPA estimate of 34 city and 31 highway. This is a far more MPG rating that most standard automobiles. The Escape is powered by a 2.5L Atkinson-cycle I-4 engine and it handles seamlessly when converting to electric mode operation.

Ford uses a nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery which is stored under the flat rear cargo area. It is completely sealed and encased in the load floor. The Escape has a new Hybrid component which recharges the NiMH battery each time you apply the brakes.

While the Regenerative Braking System will recharge the battery, the energy gets stored for later use. When you hit the brakes in a conventional automobile, the energy is lost as heat. However, the electric motor on the Escape Hybrid captures this energy and sends it back to the battery pack to be stored for later use.

The AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control (RSC) is also introduced in the Ford Escape. This is a stability control system that measures the yaw and roll motion on the vehicle. If the driver turns a corner too quickly, or swerves to avoid an object, the RSC will automatically apply brake pressure while adjusting the power to the engine to maintain control.


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