Gay Pastor Reinstated

Gay pastor reinstated by his congregation at a Lutheran church in Atlanta. He was one of two pastors removed in 2007 for having a same-relationship. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chicago announced Tuesday that the Rev. Bradley Schmeling and the Rev. Darin Easler will return.

Rev. Bradley Schmeling was the pastor of St. John Lutheran Church in Atlanta before he was removed in 2007. Schmeling was removed because he was engaged in a same-sex relationship with Rev. Darin Easler. The congregation voted to have Schmeling remain at the church as a pastor without portfolio.

Church Clergy Eligibility

The Lutheran denomination recently made modifications to its ministry policy. It allows individuals such as Schmeling and Easler eligible to serve as clergy in the church. Easler was taken off the clergy roster in 2006 after not having a parish for three years.

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