Girl Scout Cookie Recall On Chalet Creme

Girl Scout Cookie Recall On Chalet Creme

Girl Scout cookie recall is something you don’t usually hear about. Little Brownie Bakers recently reviewed consumer complaints about a bad taste and smell from certain packages of Lemon Chalet Creme cookies. It was determined that oils in the product may be breaking down.

The company is asking that the Girl Scout councils to collect and return the specified product. They will also provide a replacement product to give consumers. This product involves specific lot codes.

Chalet Creme Package Lot Codes

7455881 7455882 7455883
7456741 7456742 7456743
7457661 7457662 7457663
7458521 7458522 7458523
7459401 7459402 7459403

No other Girl Scout cookies are involved. The Girl Scouts are already working with their supplier and bakery team to understand the processing influences that caused the oils in these cookies to break down. Consuming the affected product is not harmful to consumers.

This is not a food safety issue. The product is still edible, but are not recommended for consumption as they are not up to our quality standards. This issue does not present a food safety or health concern and therefore, is not a recall by the Food and Drug Administration.

How The Problem Occurred

The packages of Lemon Chalet Creme cookies contain oils that may be breaking down. This is what causes the off taste and smell. The company started an investigation on why it happened and has put future programs in place to prevent any recurrence.

The total number of complaints was 10. Recent product tests have shown this to be a quality issue, not food safety. To date, the company has received 10 complaints total. There hasn’t been any illnesses reported from digesting the products.

In addition, the company’s sales force is working closely with the Girl Scout councils. This will allow the councils to communicate to consumers who may have purchased the impacted product. The product is safe for consumers to eat, but the cookies do not meet quality standards.

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