Gmail Autopilot Pranks Users For April Fool’s Day

Gmail Autopilot can respond to mail automatically depending on moods, typos, and grammar. Users can also send auto replies back to spammers by using the new Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity.

Google Inc unveiled its April Fool’s Day joke by unveiling the new Gmail Autopilot feature. Users who logged into their accounts this morning learned of the new Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity. The new innovative function sets your inbox on Autopilot and responds to messages without reading.

“Email will never be a thing of the past, but actually reading and writing messages is about to be. Gmail Autopilot automatically manages your inbox better than you can, with zero effort from you,” Google said on its Gmail Website.

Gmail Autopilot offers a few settings including capitalization, typos, brevity and the use of emotions which serves as a mood changer between replies.

April Fool’s Day is usually a time to prank users on the Internet of new features which wouldn’t be found under normal circumstances. However, the Gmail Autopilot is actually a feature which users are already striving for. What better way to respond to numerous junk mail by setting your inbox to auto reply?

“This is actually something I need, since I get up to 200 unwanted emails per day,” Greg LeBlanc said. LeBlanc also said that while the feature seems to be a joke, it is actually something needed for public domain email addresses. “I get everything from Viagra ads to Prince James who wants to send me $25 million.”

Gmail Autopilot can put spammers and phishers in their place. The program can automate replies for you.

Imagine an email system which could clean out spam and send automatic responses? Most people spend hours going through their inbox messages filtering out spam and advertisements. The feature is certainly not far from reality, that’s if you trust a system which promotes itself as the Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity (CADIE).

As a matter of fact, if your friends use CADIE, the two email addresses can converse normally on their own. You can check the replies from time to time to moderate the discussion. You wouldn’t want CADIE to begin an argument with your recipients, especially if it’s your boss!

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