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ADHD Diet Research Conducts Effective Study

01/10/2021 04:04 PM ET

ADHD Diet Study - A new study was conducted by pediatric researchers to review wether diets claiming to help children with ADHD actually reduce symptoms.

And though the results of the research suggest that their are some benefits to children suffering ADHD symptoms eating a healthy diet, it should not be used as a primary treatment.

Researchers suggest a healthy diet be used to be a supplement along with proven ADHD medications.

“Supplemental diet therapy is simple, relatively inexpensive, and more acceptable to patient and parent,” the authors wrote in the review. “Public education regarding a healthy diet pattern and lifestyle to prevent or control ADHD may have greater long-term success.”

One diet proven to not be effective in helping ADHD symptoms is the Feingold Diet, which is a diet that suggest that parents avoid giving their child foods such as luncheon meats, hot dogs, apples and grapes.

One that did prove to be helpful was a diet heavy in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Researchers found those children lowered ADHD symptoms and did better in school.

Researchers also raised questions wether a low sugar diet reduced hyperactivity as those who used artificial sweeteners in their diet failed to show a reduction in hyperactivity.

“Most parents are enthusiastic about trying the diet supplements, despite our explanation of only possible benefit and lack of proof of efficacy,” the authors wrote. “In almost all cases, for treatment to be managed effectively, medication is also required”

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