Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation Closed

Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation – The health care foundation that treated people in the adult industry has closed. The decision comes after at least one film performer tested positive for AIDS in October 2010. In addition, the troubles mounted as the actor criticized the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) today also expressed concern about performers’ health. AHF has been spearheading a workplace safety campaign to require the use of condoms in porn. “Now that AIM has closed — and the industry ‘fig leaf’ is gone — the responsible thing for the industry to do is to put performers’ health first and require condom-use on all adult film sets,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

“Testing adult film performers for HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases is important, but has never been an effective substitute for safer sex and condom use. Performers were poorly served by AIM and are poorly served by an industry that places profits above worker safety,” Weinstein said.

The news of Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation’s closing comes on the heels of mounting troubles for the clinic including accusations of poor treatment by Derrick Burts. He is the 24 year-old adult film performer who tested HIV-positive in October. There is also a California lawsuit filed against the clinic by two former adult film actresses alleging privacy breaches of their protected patient data.

In March, more than 12,000 current and former adult film performers who tested for HIV and other STDs had their privacy breached. It happened when their personal data collected from the facility was published illegally on a Wiki-leaks type website. In response to news of the widespread online privacy breach, AHF said: “This breach should not come as a surprise to any care provider who dutifully manages and cares for populations of patients.”

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