​Arizona Mom Banned At McDonald’s Over Germs​​

October 18, 2021

Arizona Mom MacDonald’s - Erin Carr-Jordan, an Arizona mom, has been banned at several McDonald’s restaurants after receiving a hand-delivered letter from a lawyer prohibiting her from setting foot in eight establishments. Moreover, the company has threatened her with criminal trespassing charges and a lawsuit.

The Chandler resident has spent much of the past eight months calling attention to dirty conditions at indoor fast food playgrounds. She is also an instructor at the local state university.

Carr-Jordan says the incident she believes led to the lawyer’s letter happened during one of her repeated visits to a Gilbert McDonald’s.

The mom alleges she discovered antibiotic-resistant Staph or MRSA, known to cause potentially life-threatening infections in the restaurant’s PlayPlace.

Two days after health officials arrived for a “complaint inspection,” during which the department found two violations but did not test for pathogens, she was banned by court order from visiting the franchises through a letter issued by the owner’s lawyer.

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill., said the ban was prompted not by the health inspection but because Carr-Jordan’s actions had “become disruptive to the employees and customers within our franchisee’s restaurants.”

“We are working with a team to review her findings,” said Danya Proud, spokeswoman for McDonald’s USA, “but her actions are not at all conducive to working together and are now impacting our franchisee’s ability to serve his customers.”

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