Brands On Egg Recall List

By: Michael Stevens
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 20, 2021

Brands on egg recall list is growing, here's the latest update from Wright County.

Brands on egg recall list. The current list of the Wright County egg recall includes Albertson and Lucerne. Look for Wright County Egg, P1720 or P1942, within the range of 136 to 229 on your cartons.

It is a food recall of the century, as states such as California announce an egg recall. The current food recalls come after a group of high school students complained of stomach aches after eating custard-filled pastries. Sooner after, people in other states became ill with the same symptoms that also included diarrhea.

The number of salmonella outbreak cases is expected to grow and with 380 million eggs recalled, evidence about the cause of the outbreak is pointing toward the farm's owner, which has a history of public health violations. Federal officials also warned that the number of cases of people who fell sick because of these eggs will probably grow, being one of the largest food recalls of its kind in recent history.

These brands are affected:

- Albertson
- Boomsma's
- Dutch Farms
- Farm Fresh
- Glenview
- Hillandale
- James Farms
- Kemps
- Lucerne
- Lund
- Mountain Dairy
- Pacific Coast
- Ralph's
- Shoreland
- Sunshine
- Trafficanda