Breast Cancer Survivor Approved To Swim Topless In Seattle

06/22/2012 08:35 AM ET

Breast cancer survivor Jodi Jaecks was having a difficult time finding a bathing suit that fit her body, so she went to the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department and asked them for permission to swim topless at their local pool.

The Parks and Recreation department aquatics manager told Jaecks that the pool requires “gender-appropriate clothing” so she would not be allowed to swim topless.

“I’m not an exhibitionistic kind of person. It’s not my personality,” Jaecks said. “I don’t think of this as nudity. Not as it’s generally perceived.”

However, after a local newspaper, The Stranger, published a picture of Jodi topless the Parks and Recreation superintendent had a change of heart.

“This was a long standing policy that had been in effect for a lot of years and it had never really been challenged,” Dewey Potter, the communications manager for Seattle Parks and Recreation, told “The staff on the face of it did their job by following policy, but when the superintendent took a closer look he decided attitudes had shifted and he decided to allow this woman to swim and look at further cases one by one.”

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