USDA: Chicken Nuggett Recall Walmart

Chicken nuggett recall at Walmart by the USDA. The Great Value chicken nuggett packages at Walmart are under a recall, according to the USDA. More than 9,000 pounds of frozen “chicken nuggett” packages sold through Walmart are part of the recall.

Perdue Farms Inc., known for its service and reliability, in cooperation with the USDA voluntary recalled 9,000 pounds of chicken nuggetts. These chicken nuggetts, sold at Walmart, may contain foreign materials (plastic pieces) according to the USDA. There have not been any illness or injuries associated with this recall.

“We determined the likely source was a small plastic ring that got into the raw material before the nuggets were formed,” Bruce Stewart-Brown, Perdue’s Senior Vice President for Food Safety and Quality, said in a statement. Consumers are being advised to check any product labels of “Great Value” chicken nuggetts they may have purchased to determine if they may have the recalled product.

The 2010 Perdue recall includes Perdue Farms Great Value fully-cooked, frozen chicken nuggetts with a code of “89008-A-0160”. The official Perdue chicken nugget recall announcement says there is also a “establishment number” code that reads “P-33944” somewhere on the package. If you have a product linked to the 2010 Perdue recall, return it to the store to receive a refund.


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