Chocolate Toddler Formula Pulled and Uproar Obesity

Chocolate toddler formula pulled and uproar obesity fears from parents. Toddler parents want the chocolate Mead Johnson’s Enfagrow Premium formula to be pulled, and they are causing an uproar over obesity concerns. They strongly feel that the formula in the toddler drink contains ingredients that will cause their children to grow obese.

“The chocolate version was discontinued after four months because of the whole emotional evocative nature of chocolate,” Chris Perille, Mead Johnson spokesman, said in a statement. “It’s more associated with candy and sweets and things potentially not as beneficial. Flavor was more in conflict with a nutritious product.” Additionally, Mead Johnson stated there had been “some misunderstanding and mischaracterization regarding the intended consumer” of the product. “The resulting debate has distracted attention from the overall benefits of the brand.”

The parents felt strongly that the chief ingredients of the drink, sugar and milk, is enough to have the product pulled. This chain reaction came after nutritionists claims that this product could cause childhood obesity. Allegedly, the nutritionists have analyzed the toddlers’ drink and found that it violated the health claims that Mead Johnson has made.

The major manufacturer of the infant formula maintains that Enfagrow Premium contains ingredients that promote and boast brain development, growth and immunity for children. However, due to all the disapproval they have chosen to drop their new chocolate-flavored product, which critics have considered the worst offender with 19 grams of sugar. They will still be selling the vanilla-flavored Enfagrow, which has 16 to 17 grams of sugar.

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