Cholera West Africa Outbreak Kills 800 in 2 Months

The outbreak of cholera kills 800 in 2 months in West Africa nations, including Cameroon, Chad and Niger. The last cholera outbreak in the United States was in 1910-1911, which means the epidemic isn’t far from home. The West Africa name says the disease has affected thousands of people.

The recent cholera epidemic is now spreading to Cameroon, Chad and Niger, where it has already killed hundreds more. Patients at hospitals and maternity clinics in nearby Ganjuwa are just lying there with blank eyes on fouled mattresses from severe diarrhea triggered by the severe infection.

Small children were found lying under the traditional brightly colored cloth hooked up to IV tubes as doctors attempted to save them by hydrating them intravenously. There is a constant flow of patients coming in and all of their beds are already beyond occupied. Many have been placed in storage rooms and concrete hallways that are covered with human waste.

In fact, many villages in West Africa, such as Ganjuwa, lack clean drinking water. This is allowing the waterborne bacterial disease to bloom. According to the nation’s Health Ministry 13,000 people have been sickened. Communal trash pits outside of homes are being turned into ponds of raw sewage.

So, it is not difficult to find the source of the bacteria. “That pond is a source of worry,” Salisu Garba said in a statement. “We don’t have any hope,” he added. “These areas become breeding ground for cholera,” stated Chris Cormency, a UNICEF official monitoring the epidemic.

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