​Cloud 9 Drug Becomes Disturbing Trend Among High School Students

Staff Reporter
Oct. 4, 2014

The Cloud 9 drug is addictive and very dangerous and can created using a few household items that comes with a disturbing trend. Authorities are now calling the bath salt “Ivory Wave” a synthetic form of Cocaine. This drug gives users a euphoric ecstasy like sensation, with an amphetamine-like high.

There is a growing numbers of overdoses causing concern but currently the product is legal in the United States. You can purchase Ivory Wave from most stores, but will have more luck finding the product at your local smoke shop.

These Cloud 9 drug packets are sold in 500mg tablets labeled “for novelty use only.” The instructions are to add 10-12mg to a hot water bath . The product is supposed to naturally soften the water which will leave you feeling very soothed and relaxed. This is used to mimic the natural springs of the Greek sea.

On the streets, it’s called “Cloud 9” or “Hookah relax” and advertised as a liquid synthetic drug made from chemicals found in air freshener and bath salts. But now the latest trend is with high school kids.

In Michigan, two John Glenn High School students ended up in Garden City Hospital after ingesting the drug. This is just two weeks after four Canton students were also hospitalized. Westland Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik said:

“It’s absolutely deadly … Some kids are sprinkling in marijuana and smoking it with marijuana, some are putting it into the e-cigarettes, and now the trend is to put it into energy drinks.”

Police say this latest Cloud 9 drug can easily be purchased in area gas stations and convenience stores. The small cost is about $20. The side effects include: Chest pain, increased pulse, high blood pressure paranoia, hallucinations, agitation and suicidal thinking/behavior.

The symptoms of heart attacks is what’s being described by the kids in school. Police say like K2 or spice bath salts, the latest rage in recent years, catching the sellers of Cloud 9 is proving difficult.

“What’s happening, I want to call them garage chemists, they’re changing up the compound a little bit,” Jedrusik says. “They’re changing the name and they’re selling it again.”

Police warn parents that a child could fool their them and say, “Listen, this is just an air freshener or a bath salt,” when in reality it’s a very, very dangerous drug, according to Jedrusik.

Some of the contents in the Cloud 9 drug are: Epsom Salt’s, Sodium Bar-carbonate, Sodium Chloride, minerals, trace elements and naturally occurring amino acids. The drug product fails to tell you of the other ingredients that researchers found.

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