Cougars Die Young, Study Reveals

Cougars die young according to a German study. Older woman or cougars die young when they have a youthful male companion. However, older men who have a significantly youthful female spouse live longer.

It just doesn’t seem fair, but those are the facts from the recent study. Researchers analyzed more than two million Dutch marriage and death records and found that older women with younger male spouses are dying more quickly. In fact, the researchers say that cougars are 20 percent more likely to pass away earlier than their life expectancy.

No one knows the reason why, or if these statistics are just coincidental. Researchers believe that older men with younger female companions live longer because their wives or girlfriends act as caretakers. Younger men who date older women are less likely to act as caretakers.

In addition, women who date younger men are also in a great deal of stress. They always feel competitive when their man is around younger ladies. The constant worry and the combined stress can definitely shorten their life expectancy.

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