​Cranberry Juice Elements Can Reduce Kids Bladder Infection

Staff Reporter
Sep. 11, 2012

Researchers found that cranberry juice has elements that reduce the risk of bladder infections in kids, but the University of British Columbia researchers in Vancouver are unable to fully endorse this research.

Some of these results, published in a urology journal, substantiate that cranberry juice has a urinary tract infection element per a children urologist.

For this study, doctors at the University, recruited 40 children who have had a minimum of two UTIs in the past year. Then they randomly gave the children one of two juices made for their research: a cranberry juice rich in PACs or a juice that had no “cranberry products.”

It was confirmed that the cranberry juice, with high concentrations of Vitamin C and citric acid, had an unmistakable link in preventing some types of bacteria from lining the walls of the urinary tract.

Nevertheless, researchers still have not been able to identify if there is a distinct substance in cranberry juice that is the agent responsible eliminating bladder infections.

“The findings of this study should not be construed as an endorsement of any commercially available cranberry products,” write the researchers, led by Dr. Kourosh Afshar.

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