​Famous Cancer Celebrity Survivors​​

​Famous Cancer Celebrity Survivors​​

There are many famous people who were diagnosed with cancer and are survivors. The disease can strike anyone without regard for rich or poor, black or white, young or old. A few have come back stronger than ever before.

Here’s a list of some of those famous people:

Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer which later spread to his brain, lungs and abdomen. According to doctors, he had only a 2% chance of survival, yet, he made it through. It was his indomitable will and belief that he could be cured.

Political personality and Noble Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela was diagnosed with microscopic prostate cancer in 2001, after he was released from prison. He underwent a seven week radiation therapy and was successful. It was he who was instrumental in ending the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Oscar Award winning actor Robert De Niro was diagnosed with cancer that was detected at an early stage. His father died from the same disease. He immediately took treatment, made his regular check ups, and is now cancer free.

The man behind the popular I-Pod and co-founder of Apple Computers, Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004. It is said that pancreatic cancer is inoperable but, Steve continues his fight against it. He is in remission after undergoing a new procedure in which a part of his pancreas was removed.

Famous people might be rich, but they can still get cancer like the rest of and become survivors.

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