​Growing Body Parts From Human Cells “60 minutes” Organs

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July 26, 2021

Growing body parts from human cells, “60 minutes” segment. A “60 minutes” report on CBS discusses how organs could take part of growing new body parts from human cells. The 60 Minutes newsmagazine revealed that it’s possible through regenerative medicine.

This amazing step forward in medical science may be coming. This regenerative medicine could be used in required treatments that include transplants of organs and other surgery. According to doctors it may not be long before these new organs can be produced.

Some who will benefit from this huge breakthrough include suffers from heart disease and those with problems with their ears, eyesight, bladder, kidneys. “The hope for the future is that if you do have a patient who has organ failure, you don’t want that patient to die because you’re waiting for an organ. People are dying every day on the transplant wait list. So the hope of the field is that some day we can provide replacement tissues and organs that can be used to help them survive,” according to one doctor.

The goal of regenerative medicine is to help the thousands waiting for organ transplants and the hundreds of veterans who return from Iraq and Afghanistan horribly maimed. Thus far, researchers have created beating hearts, ears and bladders by manipulating cells in the human body into regrowing tissue. The hope is to one day profoundly change human lives.