Houston Quintuplets Still Face Texas Challenges

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Published: Aug 7, 2021

Houston woman gives birth to quintuplets, and doctors say they are optimistic.

Houston quintuplets born healthy in Texas. The quintuplets include three boys and two girls, but the Houston infants still face challenges. While the quintuplets are small, each weighs nearly 4 pounds.

Quintuplets is not uncommon, as about 50 sets are born in the United States annually, but it is relatively rare for all to survive. A Houston-area woman has given birth to quintuplets, and doctors say they are optimistic the three boys and two girls. Veronica Real-Mayorga delivered Aaron, Isaac, Priscilla, Joel and Matilde, 30 weeks into her pregnancy.

"They're all so precious," Veronica Real-Mayorga said in a statement. "To expect smaller babies and then have them this size makes me feel truly blessed." The birth weights range from 2 1/2 pounds to nearly 4 pounds. The weights are appreciably more than typical quintuplets at birth.

The babies' neonatologist said the infants still face challenges. However, they haven't experienced any of the complications low-birth weight babies often encounter in the first 90 hours after delivery. Dr. Ursula Nawab credited a healthy and problem-free pregnancy, saying Real-Mayorga carried the babies at least two weeks longer than most mothers carrying five or more babies usually do.

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